Mignola Developing Witchfinder

I’m a huge fan of both Sherlock Holmes and Hellboy and I think the idea of combining the two concepts is a great one. Sounds like a dream right? well it’s one that’s abou to become a reality.

Over at Sci-fi wire Mike Mignola is saying that he’s working on a new occult series called Witchfinder. Apparently the series will be centrered around  Sir Edward Grey, a Victorian Occult Detective, introduced in an Abe Sapien mini series(which I now will be picking up).

According to Mike

“I introduced a Victorian occult detective a billion years ago for, like, one panel in Hellboy, and then I used him for 10 pages in a recent Abe Sapien miniseries. So now we’re kind of getting around to do that guy.”

Well I’ll definately be keeping an eye out for this bad boy.

Source: Sci-fi Wire

GS Reporter: Nuge


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