Paul Cornell to write Knight and Squire

Readers of Grant Morrison’s Batman will be familiar with his resurrection of the Batmen of all Nations.  I really love this idea of a group of costumed Batman inspired heroes from all around the world, including the British duo Knight and Squire.  Despite the fact that Knight & Squire speak to a fairly obvious stereotype of England that the uninformed will love, I found myself loving this duo.  Seeing their reoccurrence in Batman stories shows that I’m not alone.

Knight has quite a long history though, first appearing in Batman #62 in 1950, so there is quite a pedigree behind this character.  Anyway it seems that Paul Cornell, who is kicking ass on Action Comics at the moment will be turning his pen to writing a brand new Knight and Squire series.  Collaborating with Paul is  interior artist Jimmy Broxton and cover artist Yanick Paquette.

This will be a 6 issue mini and here’s the premise

When the barriers preventing an all-out battle in a secret city populated by heroes and villains alike are lifted, all hell breaks loose and only the Knight and Squire can step in to put things right. But can the tandem keep the peace between friends and foe?

This is what Paul had to say on the DCU blog yesterday

“I’m delighted to be working in DC Britain! Grant always said that he added something to the Knight and Squire’s world with every appearance: we’ll be taking that policy, and the amount of over the top weird and wonderful zany surreal Britishness and dialling them up to eleven. If you’ve wanted to see a milkman fighting a dinosaur in a suit, in a pub, then this is the comic for you.”

Personally, I can’t wait.

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