Preview: Vandroid #1

“When Palm Springs Entertainment studios burned to the ground in 1984, the most definitive motion picture of the generation was lost before its time.

A forgotten icon of a classic era, Vandroid bursts back onto the scene with a vengeance in a five-issue limited comic book series from Dark Horse Comics.” 

Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith, and Dan McDaid unite to tell the story of a van designer-turned-cyberneticist, his masterpiece, and the baddies that want to destroy it all. The movie-turned comic is a love letter to over the top 80s action movies. Turning movies into comics seems popular nowadays and the seemingly ridiculous premise might just make this amazing. Only time will tell though. The first issue comes out Feb. 26th.

Check out the preview below!

Source: Dark Horse Comics

Reporter: Leo Johnson

Vandroid #1 Preview

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