Rainbow Orchid 2 to Launch Exclusively at Bristol Comic Expo!

Ewing, the writer of the brilliant Rainbow Orchid has just announced  that the long-awaited sequel ( by me especially) will be available exclusively at the Bristol International Comic Expo (22nd -23rd May)taking place next month. The graphic novel will be available a full month before it’s general release.

I was luckily enough to pick up, read and review the first Rainbow Orchid graphic novel for the podcast and I loved every page. It was a great mix of lush artwork and an all ages adventure that left Tintin and Snowy wondering why they were weren’t invited along for the ride.

If you’re after a solid, adventurous and all ages  fun read then I would definitely pick up Rainbow Orchid at the show. If everyone could not get in my way  when buying their copy so I pick  up part 2 that would be great!

It also seems that during the show there will be a panel to talk about Rainbow Orchid as well as talking about something called Candleman. According to the blurb on the flyer(see below) Candleman is being described as a ‘British Batman’ and my first question is “How have I not heard of this comic before”. I plan on finding out a little more about Candleman before Bristol so I can decide whether I want to pick it up.

Bristol is shaping up to be a great show this year!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Rainbow Orchid

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