Rat Queens and Peter Panzerfaust Swap Cover Artists

We are very excited about this little titbit of news. Two stellar series by writer Kurtis J. Wiebe are pulling a bit of a Freaky Friday and swapping cover artists for one issue!

Phenomenal Rat Queens artist Roc Upchurch will draw cover A for Peter Panzerfaust #21 and then Peter Panzerfaust artist Tyler Jenkins will draw cover A for Rat Queens #8.

There’s also going to be a special cover for retailers from Michael Avon Oeming (The Mice Templar) for both books!

Just in case you don’t know much about these series here’s a bit of background for you. Rat Queens follows four kick ass mercenaries for hire, these ladies are the most violent and foul mouthed women on the planet. They fight and drink their way out of a few sticky situations in their adventures.

Peter Panzerfaust is an incredible re-imagining of the Peter Pan fable set during World War 2, Peter rescues a group of orphans from a crazed, hook handed SS Officer. It’s also being turned into a live action series by the BBC!

Peter Panzerfaust #21 is out on August 13th, pre order it using Diamond Code JUN140493. Rat Queens #8 has a wrap around cover and is out August 6th, you can pre-order it with diamond code JUN140495. Both are $3.50 (a couple of quid)

The B covers from Oeming can be pre-ordered with the following diamond codes Peter Panzerfaust #21 JUN140494 and Rat Queens #8 with Diamond Code JUN140496.

Take a look at the covers below and tell us what you think in the comments section!



rat queens


rat queens 2

Source: Image Comics
Reporter: Sara Westrop


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