Road Crew Web Comic to release Bi-Monthly Comic – Road Crew: For Sale

When I first heard about the Road Crew web comic  my first thought was ‘hmmm may appeal to some but not for me’ I then took a look at some of the strips and soon found that it didn’t matter that I’m not really into the Rock Music scene ( does ‘Eye of the Tiger count?) as the humour was universal (but definately not for kids) and the art was great.

Road Crew’s creator, Tommy Kelly,  has just given his website a spiffy new look and has just released a Bi-monthly print comic entitled ROAD CREW: FOR SALE

This is what Tommy had to say about the new comic.

My name is Tommie Kelly and I am the creator of an Online Comic called Road Crew. It’s about the life behind the scenes of the music biz. But to be fair, it’s much stranger than that. It blends magic, music and dark wit into something very unique that’s best understood by reading it.

Road Crew Comic

Recently Road Crew has gotten a bit of a face lift. I went from the standard three panel format to a more long form traditional Comic book page size. The story has gotten more complex and the artwork has taken a step up. This was a huge risk for me because I could have very easily alienated all my current readers. But the gamble paid off and now I have more interest in the comic than ever.

This Month sees the release of a new Bi-Monthly Print comic called ROAD CREW: FOR SALE. It will print the new storyline that has been running on the site. This is my most ambitious stroy arc to date and again was a huge risk for me to do. Instead of my usual joke at the end of every page I have gone for a more continuing story with hopeful way more
depth. The new story deals with death, success, magick, rock star ambitions, family relations and love. All the good things 🙂

You can check out the new story here: (Note some Content NSFW)

OR here if you prefer to not click through all the pages:

For a list of ALL the Road Crew Stories go here:

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