‘The Spread’ Infects Image Comics This July

Image Comics have released some preview  artwork from their upcoming sci-fi thriller Spread.

I’m not sure I would label it ‘thriller’ after looking at the preview pages I mean eyeballs with teeth. Let us take a moment  to allow the horror of that previous sentence to sink in then repeat it loudly for dramatic effect…EYEBALLS WITH TEETH!! This feels more like sci-fi horror to me but either way this tale proves once again that humanity should leave things well enough alone.

“Ten years ago, humanity dug too deep and unleashed something ancient that couldn’t be controlled. Something that couldn’t be stopped, twisting everything it touched into more of itself. The Spread. Humanity was nearly destroyed before finding a way to slow the Spread to a crawl. Now, deep inside the quarantined zone, one man has found what might be the key to stopping it forever: a baby girl. And if he can save her, he might save the world. “

Justin Jordan, one of the  creators of The Spread has described as ” Lone Wolf and Cub in a world where John Carpenter’s The Thing ate North America,”    which is one hell of sales pitch. I guess we will find out just how on the money this is when The Spread hits shelves this July.

Anyone who wants to pre-order the comic the Diamond Code is MAY140579. Now excuse me while I rock myself to sleep and try not to think about eyeballs with teeth….that’s just so wrong.


imagecomics_thespreadcover imagecomics_thespreadpreview1 imagecomics_thespreadpreview2 imagecomics_thespreadpreview3.


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Source: Image Comics




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