Stand aside Godzilla… Kaiju is Coming!


Kaiju: Fire and Grimstone, the graphic overspill of a mind full of too many old B-movies and japanese sci fi.
A 60 page silent tale of giant monster mayhem in new Kaiju-vision widescreen format, buildings break and concrete crumbles as strange Kaiju collide in a battle for supremecy.

Check out a preview of Kaiju here.

Available for £3.99 (plus £1 postage) from [email protected]

Order a copy today!

I’ve seen some of the preview pages for this comic and so far it’s reads pretty damm well. I think it’s hard to tell any story in comic form but to do it without words is a tough act. From what I’ve seen so far Steve Sims’ Kaiju looks up to the challenge.

Look out for a full review in the near future.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Kaiju

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