The DFC set to return in 2012

So as I mentioned in my earlier report I attended a panel ‘New Opportunities: Graphic Novels and Digital’ at the London Book Fair yesterday. One of subjects that came up quite a few times was the DFC (David Fickling Comic). For those of you who don’t know the DFC was…here’s the potted history.

a brand new British comic for children – 36 full colour pages devoted to comic stories; weekly. The DFC featured mainly long running serial stories with cliff-hangers and ran for 43 issues before, sadly, closing in March 2009.

So most of us thought that was the end of the comic however during the panel the DFC’s publisher David Fickling announced that “The DFC only went under due to the Credit crunch. The comic is only dormant and will return in 2012”.

There was no more info given on how the comic would return or who would be involved but this is great news for all the DFC fans out there.

GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: London Book Fair

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