Turf to preview in Walking Dead

Over at the Image Comics website they’ve  announced that the upcoming comic Turf  will preview in issue 70 of  Walking Dead by Robert Kerman.

Turf marks British television and radio personality Jonathan Ross’ first foray as a comic writer paired with the awseome artwork of Tommy Lee Edwards.

It seems that the Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is already a fan of Turf.

“Every since Jonathan and Tommy started talking to Image about TURF, I knew I wanted to put whatever support I could behind the launch and seeing the final pages certainly didn’t disappoint. TURF represents exactly what I look for in comics: original work by top talent, completely different than anything else on the stands. TURF is a must-read for every WALKING DEAD fan.” (via Image Comics website)

Walking Dead  issue 70 with the full colour Turf preview will be released Feb 24th with the first issue of Turf going on sale in April.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Image Comics

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