Uncanny X-Force Revealed

After this summers Second Coming event marvel are launching a new X-Force team! and it looks like this team is going to cause some trouble.

  • writer: Mike Carey, Matt Fraction, Zeb Wells, Chris Yost
  • penciler: Terry Dodson, Greg Land, Esad Ribic, Ibraim Roberson

Marvel is pleased to unveil the top-secret lineup of the all-new, all-deadly Uncanny X-Force, making their debut in X-MEN: SECOND COMING #2! In the jaw dropping finale of the critically acclaimed Second Coming, sacrifices have been made and now, the savior of mutankind will rise! After the devastation from Bastion‘s forces, the X-Men must band together and rebuild, but one group has other plans! When a secret society resurrects the feared villain Apocalypse,Wolverine‘s brand new black-ops team is the only strong enough to take him down – by any means necessary. Be the first to get in on the non-stop, explosive action this October as Rick Remender and Jerome Opena bring you the all-new ongoing series, UNCANNY X-FORCE!

And as a special treat for Marvel.com readers, here’s Mr. Remender himself to tell us all about the new team!


“His philosophy on dealing with the threats that face mutants, and the Marvel Universe in general, diverge from those of most other heroes. He and the members of X-Force have each been twisted, programmed and manipulated by unpleasant people. They struggle to overcome their past, yet they accept that they are killers, each capable of the hard resolutions. They are stained, so it falls on their shoulders to do the ugly yet necessary jobs, to take out bad people who’ve earned such severe methodology. Wolverine and his co-captain Warren see eye-to-eye on the need for X-Force, and the need to keep it a secret.”

“Weapon XIII was created by Weapon Plus to be the devil-may-care, international, super spy with a worldly distingué that the ladies love; the kid-friendly super hero face that would help the public digest his new band of Sentinels and their intended mutant genocide. Something went wrong, he escaped and has instead served to aid mutants and humanity. Described as a ‘maze of mirrors,’ he is unknowable, perhaps even to himself. Misdirection is his primary trick; he has a couple brains, maybe one is misdirecting the other. Wolverine thinks he steals to keep his mind off what Weapon Plus made him for: killing. He is a man without a purpose, he hopes X-Force will give him some.”

“In it for Warren’s money. So he’d tell you.”

“Warren and Logan serve as co-captains with the understanding that when you set out to kill a man you should have a sounding board; two heads are better than one and a good idea in assuring that the target is absolutely deserving of X-Force’s severe brand of settlement. Warren has philosophically begun to diverge from [Cyclops] and the X-Men; he still believes in Xavier’s dream of integration as a feasible reality, but he has some very different ideas on the means. Warren is struggling with something inside, some other thing. The Uncanny X-Force’s first adventure won’t be easy on him. No. It might be bad.”

“Betsy is conflicted. Her mind splintered and repaired, her life ended and renewed, and just in time to watch what is seemingly the end of days for mutantkind. She has been doing some deep soul searching within the team’s new base, Cavern-X, and spending much time mediating on the severe turn her life and mind have taken since entering the Siege Perilous. She’s looking for a way to reconnect with some part of who she was while using the abilities she has to save the world, and other mutants, more pain.”

this looks like a great title! I might have to shuffle my monthly subscriptions so i can fit this in!

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