Vote for Hometown Heroes in Small Press Idol 2009!

Forum members Chris Barker (Tubbyhampster) and Chad Cicconi are participating in the 2009 Small Press Idol competition. It’s like American Idol, but for comic book creators. The contest is currently in round 2, in which the projects are judged by the judges AND the public through votes posted on the Small Press Idol forums for each project. There is a cash prize AND a 4-issue publishing contract for the winning entry.

Chris and Chad’s submission is called “Hometown Heroes” and is set in a small town in the USA, and is about the troubles caused when people try to be superheroes. There main characters are a married couple struggling with home, family, two small children, AND what to do about mom’s increasing time spent away from home as a superhero. The crisis occurs when mom is injured in a battle and loses her memory. Dad decides he doesn’t want to tell her about that “superhero” stuff, and the conflict (and our story) begins.

Round two runs until the end of April, and every vote counts. Hometown Heroes is currently in 4th place out of 27 entries. The guys really want to finish in the top three (or higher). So everyone who can go over, check it out, and post some votes for them, it will be appreciated. You can vote once a day.

In order to vote, just go over to the forums for the SPI, sign up (like you aren’t already on 500 forums, so one more doesn’t matter), and vote by posting a reply in the thread for Hometown Heroes . Be sure to say “YES” or “I vote for this project” in your reply so there is no confusion. You can see sample artwork and character bios in that thread as well.


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