Who is the New Avenger!!

In this months Marvel Comics they have had a little game to figure out who is the next avenger to join the group!

Here is the game

Now i can’t take credit for this but someone solved the thing and put the results online!

So there are a few on there! and they can’t all be Avengers! so here is the Break Down!

  • Deadpool – Considering it is the most obvious one in the game (top left), and the fact that he is in EVERY BOOK! i think this is a joke!
  • Wendell – Wendell Vaughn is Quasar. This could be a good one! I’ve not read much of the Cosmic Marvel stuff so i’d be interested in this as something new!
  • Hulk – I doubt it! but considering marvel now have Iron Man, Thor and Captain America (BuckyCap) on the team in time for the Movie they might shoe horn Banner onto the team.
  • Red Hulk – Seriously doubt it and I wouldn’t like it.
  • Iceman – Awesome choice! Bendis Writes a great ice man in Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Taskmaster – I Love the idea of this! but the way he left in Siege i doubt he has all of a sudden turned into a good guy.
  • Rogue – currently not on any X-Men Teams so a strong possibility.
  • Hellstrom – Son of Satan Currently guest appearing in New Avenger so maybe he hangs around after the current arch.
  • Venom – I Hope not, this would be silly
  • Quake – second hand to Nick Fury in Secreat Warriors, with that title ending soon she might find a new home on The Avengers
  • Bendis – LoL
  • Clor – Dead so unlikely.
  • Hood – Could be interesting! but after what he did to Tigra the avengers are more likely to beat him up then let him on the team!
  • Molly – Molly Hayes the Runaways character, Also known as Princess Powerful or Bruiser, she has super strength and invulnerability

And Finally…..

  • Kimota – Hmmm the Magic word used my Micky Moran to turn himself into the Superhero Marvel Man! Could it be!!

What do you guys think! Who would you like to be an Avenger!

Story Source and all credit too: The Weekly Crisis

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. It would be great if a young character was part of the Avengers, but Runaways’ whole gimmick is that they try to stay away from “adult stuff”

    Isn’t every superhero on the Avengers these days anyway? 😉

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