Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight

Go back briefly to 1992, to a film many were nonplussed by, when Kristy Swanson was a vampire slayer. Now move forward to 1997 and the “revamped” television show created by Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and we are introduced to THE Slayer, the Chosen One, the ‘…one born into each generation…’

Buffy became a global phenomenon very quickly and earned a loyal following, many of whom were narked by the series’ end in 2003 after 7 seasons, 144 episodes, a musical number, an animated series, various games: board and computer alike, novels et al. It seemed only right that when Buffy was to return for an eighth season, it was to be in comic-form.

First published back in October of 2007 by Dark Horse Comics, the story jumped a bit into the future, following Buffy and her Slayerettes to a remote castle in the Scottish highlands, where she trains all the newly awoken, former potential, slayers.

Slayer armies are now positioned worldwide, fighting all kinds of evil that spill out from Hell or have remained on the surface, from demons to our old friends, the vampires and naughty witches.

The great thing with this comic is it is written by people from the Whedonverse, so maintains the same humour and quirkiness of the show and, like Jonathan Ross’ ‘Turf’, brings comics to a new fan base that perhaps would have previously overlooked a graphic novel.

There are six volumes currently available to purchase of this series, with volume seven up for pre-ordering through Forbidden Planet, due for release October 10th 2010. (Plot synopses of former volumes, you can read on FP‘s site)

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