COMIC REVIEW: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #5 (Dark Horse)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer No.5 from Dark Horse continues with Season 10 of the cult classic television show in print with script by Christos Gage (DC Deadshot, Marvel Avengers, Dark Horse Buffy) and none-other than Xander Harris himself, a.ka. Real-world Nicholas Brendon (Mutant Enemy Productions: Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

With canonical stories this Season following his character Xander, the issue picks up with the Buffy gang battling the larger-than-life vampire Maloker as he terrorizes the town in the second arc of the season, New Rules.

Buffy VS2

Keeping well to the spirit of the television show, the dialogue is the main draw of the comic, with smart, sassy lines by all the main characters who like the show are involved in a myriad of intricate personal relationship issues.

Still missing an eye, under-the-influence Xander who is the main lead for the series in its current run and is a magical thrall throughout the issue is flanked by an over-sized still uncertain about their future together Dawn, while adolescent turned Giles and always battle-ready Buffy and sidekick Spike make bulls-eyes strikes into evilness incarnate.

The issue is a quick and bubbly read that does its best to encapsulate the look and feel of the television series. You can almost hear the words flowing from each character’s lips and the panel sequences are spot on. With airy and delightful art by Rebekah Issacs, whose other work includes Marvel’s Ms. Marvel and Captain America and of course Dark Horse’s Season 9 of Buffy, the pages are a smooth ride. For fans of the show, the issue continues on its quixotic romp through the world of all things Buffy—er, Xander.

GS Blogger: Jesse B

Rating: 3/5

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