COMIC REVIEW: Ghost #5 (Dark Horse)

Ghost comes bursting out at you on its slick Issue No.5 pin-up cover by illustrator Jenny Frison continuing this re-boot of the Dark Horse saga chronicling the exploits of deceased avenging angel Elisa Cameron.

Writer Christopher Sebela whose credits include Captain Marvel, High Crimes and Screamland continues the unfolding story of a heroine stuck between worlds as he pens a bloody tale of supernatural justice for this issue meted out by our eternally angst-ridden poltergeist, Ghost.

It is an epic vastly different from the character’s original debut in the mid-nineties, when the pin-up specialist Adam Hughes helmed the first few issues of a moody art-deco comic. This time around artist Jan Duursema (notably Star Wars and various DC/Marvel titles) brings the lofty style down to a grittier almost grunge-like (another ‘90’s throw-back) mood.

For this issue, Eliza a.k.a. Ghost continues to question her desire to reminisce over her former life or simply jettison it all together. An easy answer to avoiding this dilemma comes when her roomie Tommy gives her welcome news that TV personality and gore-hound Von Ghastly just might be a demon in human clothing.

Aided by her other roommate Sloane, Eliza heads to the channel’s filming headquarters to investigate the possibility, further urged by Sloane into taking up her former occupation as reporter.

Combined with Sebela’s slick, gutsy dialogue and engaging plot, the story reads like a supernatural prime-time crime drama albeit with a moody disenchanted millennial in charge of kicking both mundane and extraordinary evil-doer butt.

Packed with hefty amounts of gory Ghost-phasing-thru-various-body-parts fist-fights and sword-wielding suicidal minion ambushes along with intermittent conversations involving snippy sleuthing, the comic at times also feels like a neatly polished and formulaic blockbuster.

Overall the comic is tightly constructed with the current issue leaving you with an interesting cliff-hanger at the end. Regrettably largely unconcerned with exploring issues other than developing an angsty rationale for the supernatural fights of its empowered and overpowered female lead, for what it is though, Ghost it is a good read.

Rating: 3/5
GS Blogger: Jesse B

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