Comic Review: Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods 3


After some delays between issue 2 and 3 The man in the hat is back at last!

It’s been a long month knowing that the latest issue of Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods was coming out. This is the downside of having your comics delivered to your door every month. 

The issue arrived earlier this week and was read cover to cover as fast as humanly possible. I am happy to report that the wait was worth it and like the previous issues this was a fantastic read.  The story is builing up nicely to it’s conclusion in issue four.

Rob Williams excels himself in his writing and shows me once again that Indiana Jones is character he knows how to write. There’s some cracking dialogue in this issue as well as  some classic Indy moments. The issue ends of the mother of all cliffhangers setting us up nicely for the finale.

What I love about this comic is that there are real moments when you feel like you could be watch a new Indy movie.   When the traditional red line tracing Indy’s route is used it doesn’t feel forced it’s just right.  You can’t help yourself from humming the theme at certain parts in this issue (well I couldn’t anyway).

The art is great and fits the story and the action well with both Indy and Marcus continuing, for the most part, to be represented well in comic form. I’m pretty sure there’s a different artist on issue four, which saddens me. I’m sure the new person will do fine but Scott’s pencils really captured Indy so well. I don’t want to go back to the generic ‘man in a hat’ that we’ve got from previous Indy comics. Hopefully this won’t be the case here.

Although the story doesn’t feel rushed I think it’s a shame this wasn’t a six issue series as I think there was a lot more story waiting in the wings for this tale. 

I really hope Rob and his team get another Indy mini series(i’ve got my fingers crossed for a ongoing series) as I’d love to see what they do with the character.

So far Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods is the best Indiana Jones comic to come out of Dark Horse to date.  I can’t see that changing with one issue to go. 

Rating out of 5: 5

Dry Slaps: 0

GS Reviewer: Nuge

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