Comic Review : Oceanverse #01

Oceanverse Issue 1
So seeing as I’m an indy comics monkey myself I figured it was only fair I looked at another independent comic for my first review in a while. So the one I picked, by virtue of my wife having bought it, was Oceanverse, written and drawn by Michael Schwartz.

Ok, lets give you the short version. This book is fucking weird. BUT, and its an important “but” … its cool and weird. This first issue basically introduces us to the crew of the Red Herring, a submarine full of the types of adventurers you would get in 40s and 50s comics and movies. Granted, in the 40’s they never had a talking cow as the ship’s cook like in this book, but this does still have a cool retro feel to it. While not a parody on the old boys own adventure strips like Dan Dare and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea this does seem to give a nod to these whilst doing its own odd thing.

The first thing you will notice though is the weird layout in as much as the pages are all landscape, not portrait. This is due to each page having been originally published as two online webstrips and I was impressed that while each part has to be understandable as an of itself, it also all flowed together really well once collected.

This is a weird one for me to want to recommend as while I really enjoyed it, it was odd enough that I could see some people just not getting it. So what I would recommend is going to check out the webcomic first which you can do at and decide for yourself

Its definately worth a visit, and anyway, how often do you get to see someone punch out a swordfish?

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

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