COMIC REVIEW – Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates

I was just about to assign  Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates to a member of the GS team when something told me to take a quick look at the issue. My quick look came to end when  I had devoured every single panel on offer. Now I’m sitting here typing this review and feeling a little melancholy because I don’t have any more strips to read. Somehow in a very short space of time this comic had unleashed the comic junkie in me, something which doesn’t happen to often for this kind of title.

First off MJ’s art is clean, nicely drawn and her sense of humour shines through on every panel. Sure this isn’t story about god like metahumans or world conquering creatures from the abyss but what it does have is heart,passion and bags of fun. In this current age when comics,novels an TV seem to be churning out more and more genre material with a nasty edge to them it’s nice to read a comic like this, which serves as an effective palette cleanser from the doom and gloom.

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Once you start reading the strips it’s hard not to imagine  MJ smiling away at her desk as she works on the latest panels charting her life.  The hook for me into MJ’s world came in the ‘How it Began’ strip where MJ announces to boyfriend Ryan she going to put him in a comic. Ryan’s response ‘Only if I’m a bear’ is great but what is even better is that  MJ embraces the notion and runs with it  which results in some laugh out loud pure comedic moments. I spent most of time laughing along to their adventures while finding similarities within my own life. This is the key to comics like Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates in that they are able to tap into the emotions of the reader. 


I really hope I cross paths with MJ at a convention in the near future so I can pick up a signed copy of the comic. Of course there is a tiny part of me that hopes that Ryan is there cosplaying as a Bear (with glasses and a tie please). I could then cross that off my bucket list of amazing things to see.

In case you had not guessed I adored Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates. It was the perfect way to spend a sunny lunch break during an otherwise boring day at work. I loved the way MJ shows the emotions in herself and the other characters (yes you too bear Ryan), the bravery that she expresses in not shying away of the sadder parts of her life. As someone who has lost a mother and an elder brother there were certain strips that really spoke to me and hit home how that grief can manifest itself.

Today MJ taught me one of the simplest lessons of looking at anything creative – never judge a book by its cover. It’s a hard thing to do but sometimes it is worth embracing something outside of your comfort zone because sometimes there is a sparkling gem of a tale that your would have otherwise missed. Today that gem was Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates. It’s a comic that reminds us that it’s those  little moments combined with the connections we make along the way that make living one hell of an adventure.

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Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates is currently available to buy on MJ’s etsy page ( ) 

Title: Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates


Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Nuge


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