COMIC REVIEW: Star Wars – Rebel Heist #3 (Dark Horse)

The lovable Chewbacca graces the cover of Issue No.3 in the comic book series Star Wars: Rebel Heist currently in full swing and published by Dark Horse comics.

It’s a cover by pin-up legend Adam Hughes who situates the hirsute Wookie against a backdrop of star-ships and exotic extraterrestrial locales.

The story itself takes place in the era of the Rebellion. Immediately after the destruction of the first Death Star various legends from the film trilogy go on secretive Rebel missions before the famous Battle of Hoth.

Issue No.3 deals with an unnamed data courier whose DNA is able to store vast amounts of information. A former soldier of the Empire the courier is now in the process of transferring some of that encoded intelligence to Rebel forces. His bodyguard in this undertaking is the indecipherable Chewbacca.

Eisner nominated writer Matt Kindt whose other work includes Pistol Whip by Top Shelf Comics and Vertigo’s Sweet Tooth creates a nice détente between the data carrier’s inner monologue and Chewies imposing and brute physical undertakings. Sprinkled with equal parts amazement and bewilderment the carrier serves as an excellent vessel for Kindt to project the public’s fascination with the imposing and immortalized Wookie.

Inked by Dan Parson (Dark Horse: Star Wars) and colored by Gabe Eltaeb (Star Wars), the comic is penciled by artist Marco Castiello, whose other work includes DC titles Green Lantern and JLA. The trio creates action packed panels filled with an expressive Chewbacca and emotive villains that serve as able punching bags to the enormous Rebel saboteur.

Overall the comic is a good ride that moves briskly along and that builds steadily from beginning to end. With an iconic cliffhanger leading to the next installment, Star Wars: Rebel Heist is a feel-good read that leaves you wanting more.

Rating: 4/5
GS Blogger: Jesse B


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