Comic Review: Wolverine Switchback

Written by Joseph Clark, art by Das Pastoras
You know I’m gonna spoil this to [email protected]!k right? Cool? Ok then.
So again, lets start with the cover which is HORRIBLE. I mean, look at it! Just bad! Which is odd because it’s by the same guy who does the interiors which are really nice. Maybe its the costume, which by the way doesnt appear once inside. Anyway, whoever approved it wants a kicking as it in no way gives you a feel for the cool story inside and Im sure has put off people who would otherwise have tried and enjoyed this book.

So on to the story. Its a self contained one shot in which Wolverine whilst travelling cross country passes a spot on which his senses pick up at least 5 cars have crashed recently and each time the same person has later arrived. Suspecting foul play he goes to the local town where after purposefully getting into a fight he is confronted by the local sheriff who he recognises as the owner of the scent he picked up at the crash. Now from this he figures the sheriff for the bad guy but I was a little confused at this as surely the sheriff would be expected to attend crashes in the area. Anyway, he is ordered by the sheriff to leave town and deliberately drives into the spiked trap that has been laid by him, crashing and waking up tied to a barn’s rafters in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of situation. Obviously though being Wolverine he pops his claws (the first and only time he does so) and kills the sheriff. And thats it.

And I really enjoyed it!

There was none of the macho bullshit some writers seem to fall back on when writing Logan. This version was kind of like a badass Kung-Fu from the old tv show. He was just passing though, sensed a wrongdoing and used his skills to remedy the situation. And what I liked was that this could easily have been a total non-superhero comic. You could have explained his picking up the clues by just having him a detective or tracker, and he could just have easily popped out a knife from his boot at the end as having popped out his X-Men superhero claws. His mutant stuff was there but it was secondary to a cool little story. Oh, and it ends with a killer one liner.

There is also a shorter backup story in which he gets his claws stuck in a caves ceiling whilst fighting more horror movie rednecks and has to goad them into using him as a punchbag till he is knocked loose. Total throwaway stuff, but fun and with more cool art.

And it was also refreshing to read a one shot that actually WAS a one shot. Recently read X-Men : Original Sin which had the “one shot” logo on the cover. Got to the end and the story just stopped with “continued in….”. Bastards, was really pissed at that. This was more like it

Rating out of 5 – 4
Slaps – 1 for the cover (would be two but you can always tear it off)
GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

Source: Bluemeanie’s Blog

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