Madam Samurai Volume 1- Review

Writer: Gary Young
Artist: David Hitchcock
Publisher: Scar Comics

Madam Samurai is so stunningly drawn that it convinced me to break my resolution to complete one circuit of the Bristol Comics Expo floor before opening my wallet. David Hitchcock, also known for the Eagle Award winning Springheeled Jack, has a style which perfectly evokes the Victorian era in which the story takes place. The art is pencil shaded and the absence of colour sits well with the hard-hitting story. Written by Gary Young, screenwriter of the recent film Harry Brown, Madam Samurai is set between London and feudal Japan and outlines the background and formative experiences of the eponymous heroine. Familiar Samurai themes of family loyalty and honour are represented here, but the book has more than this to offer and does not rely on cliché. Although the action comes thick and fast from beginning to end, there are some very bleak and moving moments which punctuate the excitement and the book feels well paced as a result. Madam Samurai is highly recommended and I look forward to picking up the story with Volume 2.

GS Reviewer: Gareth Webb

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