The End of Ultimate Armor Wars

A little short review for you.
Ultimate Armor Wars, the Ultimate Iron Man Vehicle comes to an end. I was highly anticipating this comic, as a long time Warren Ellis fan and as an Ulitmate comics reader. Ellis is the perfect man to write this comic as he has proven himself time and again to be adept at writing about technology (whether it be real or made up in that strange brain of his) and really this is a character whose sole power is being wrapped up in technology, whether it be the Iron Man suit itself or the nanobots in his blood stream that keep him alive.

Ellis writes a good yarn here about the now not quite so multi, multi-millionaire, hunting down stolen object ‘Remnant 242′ with a new lady friend (Justine Hammer) tagging along. I won’t go too far into the story so as not to spoil it for anyone, but what we are given is an action story with some romance thrown in for good measure.

As I said above Ellis handles the technological side adeptly but at some points too adeptly. I found myself swimming in a world of technobabble that I barely understood but then again I didn’t really need to as it didn’t really hinder my understanding of the story. As far as the actual plot is concerned, I felt that at times it was slightly convoluted, to the point where I felt lost but this wasn’t something that permeated throughout the whole book. One thing that did permeate throughout the book was Ellis’ over stylised dialogue. This at times felt forced and unnatural, making the plot stutter and making it difficult to engage on any real emotional level with the characters. This is something that detracted from the emotional impact of the last scene in the book when we delve into the loneliness of Tony Stark’s life. I also feel this book suffered from being too short, trying to pack in too much plot in to a short period of time and not letting us really connect on an emotional level with the characters, something that Ellis has usually been a master of.

Steve Kurth’s art was superb, his style perfectly suites the Ultimate line and his grasp of storytelling is strong. He should really become Ellis’ go to artist on any future Ultimate endeavors, hopefully something longer and with more substance.

In the end Armor Wars is not Ellis’ best book and not the best Ultimate book but it is definitely a cut above some of the other Ultimate lines we’ve been offered in the past and hopefully the beginning of better things to come.

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