Eden’s Fall Coming August


August is usually hot, overcast and thundery, in England at least. Why not avoid the weather as best you can and flick through a comic, especially one that has the sun-kissed appeal of Eden’s Fall, a new comic series from Image Comics and Top Cow, that is out, you guessed it, this August.

Eden’s Fall is by Atilio Rojo and stirs other titles Think Tank, The Tithe and Postal into a melting pot of vengeance and revenge. It follows The Tithe‘s FBI Agent James Miller as he tracks a sociopath to out-of-the-way town Eden. Revenge is in his heart but there will be a price for taking such a vigilante path, as you’d expect.

Eden’s Fall will be in comic stores Weds 31st August, and I think it sounds and looks really rather good. What do you think?

edensfallEden’s Fall Images © Copyright Image Comics / Top Cow.

Source: Image Comics
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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