Hook Jaw #1 Preview aka ‘Stupid Folks Messing with Sharks Get Eaten’

Hook Jaw is waiting

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…well for me that’s never as I can’t swim. Anyway let’s assume someone out there thinks it’s safe to go back into the water what do we find out in the big shiny?

According to the creative team behind the upcoming five issue mini series Hook Jaw if you go down to the water today the surprise you’ll find is a shed load of great white sharks.

If you want to know what else to expect from the newest title from Titan comics  (my money’s on death and dismemberment) check out the four page preview  preview of issue 1.

Hook Jaw #1
Writer: Si Spurrier
Artist: Conor Boyle
Colorist: Guilia Brusco
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: December 14, 2016
In the troubled waters off Somalia, a rag-tag group of marine scientists studying a pack of female great white sharks find themselves caught in a conflict between pirates and the might of the US Navy. But why is the CIA so interested in the work of the scientists? And just how will they face up to the shadowy terror of the legendary great white – HOOK JAW?!

hookjaw1_01_cover-e hookjaw_01_comic_strip-page-1 hookjaw_01_comic_strip-page-2 hookjaw_01_comic_strip-page-3 hookjaw_01_comic_strip-page-4

“Aint she a beaut?”

So that’s a lovely preview isn’t it? I mean we end with scientists doing their in awe of these creatures scenes with some gorgeous art. Hmm my response to all that is a slighty amended quote from Jeff ‘Jurssaic Park’ Goldblum  “Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later there’s swimming and um, screaming “.

Find out on 14th December just how much swimming and screaming there’s going to be.

Still could be worse they could be super intelligent sharks..ask Samuel L Jackon.

Source: Titan Comics
GS Blogger: Nuge

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