Genesis Cover

Genesis Elevator pitch

Writer: Nathan Edmondson
Artist: Alison Sampson
Publisher: Image Comics

Available from: Buy it from a comic shop near you, you can pre-order Genesis with Diamond code: FEB140504 (pre-ordering is recommended), or get it digitally from Image Comics

There is likely to be an exclusive, variant cover available: watch this space.

What is Genesis?

Nathan Edmondson: A one-shot that’s spills off the pages and pushes past the binding with a story as big as the idea of creation itself.

Alison Sampson: A multi-layered story of creation, and a comic full of places and spaces to explore.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

Nathan Edmondson: This is a rad ride like no other; art that carries you like you’re surfing a wave and a mind-bending story horrific and fantastic in equal parts. It’s a lot of bang for your buck and it’s not something you can just read once. You’ll want to pore over this.

Alison Sampson: What he said. This is what some other people said:

“a fantastic one-shot that you must add to your pull-list.“- Alpha Comics, Calgary

“Loved the art, loved the concept. Also, huge props to Jason Wordie on this stunning colors and some brave choices in same. I’m ready to order as many as I can!”– Escape Pod Comics, New York

“I have beheld GENESIS and it is beautiful! .. it’s a one-shot, so don’t wait for a collection! Interior art is to die for.”– Page Forty-Five, Nottingham

” Blown away by (AS’s) layouts and artwork…”– Acme Comics, Orlando, Fl


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