ELEVATOR PITCH – Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles

Writer: Gary Chudleigh
Artist: Tanya Roberts
Publisher: Black Hearted Press

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What is Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles?

Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles is post-apocalyptic fun that the whole family can enjoy. It follows the adventures of a witch-hunter, a witch and a talking dog, as they form an unlikely bond to cure a plague that’s decimated the country. Channelling the all-ages thrills of Star Wars into the bleak world of The Walking Dead, Plagued is a sci-fi/fantasy adventure like no other.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

‘All in all, this book doesn’t feel like a Scottish-made indy book, instead hitting the same high standard as some DC and Marvel books.’ – Greg Watt, Big Comic Page

Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles is the brain child of top industry talents in the UK, formulating a character driven all-ages book with thrilling action and strong political undertones. With words by Gary Chudleigh (DC Thomson), simply beautiful art by Tanya Roberts (Star Wars, TMNT) and edited by Jack Lothian (Skins, Ashes to Ashes, Shameless), Plagued is set to be the next big series in the UK comic scene.

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