ELEVATOR PITCH – Sliced Quarterly Volume #1

ELEVATOR PITCH –   Sliced Quarterly Volume #1


Ken Reynolds, Stewart Moore, Rob Cannon, Ben Peter Johnson, Chris Redfern, Dave Snell, Bee Bop, Lukasz Kowalczuk, Scott Melrose, Tony Suleri, Chris Sides, Denis Vermesse, Freja Steele, Maximillian Meier, Kathryn Briggs, David Thomas, Daniel Ableev, Bob Schroeder, Saffron Knight, Simon Mackie, Jon Laight, Rory Donald, Dominic B. Aveiro, John Osborn, Tom Mortimer, David hailwood, Brett Burbridge, Andrew Pawley, Gareth A. Hopkins, Erik Blagsvedt, Cat Byrne, Charles Ripley, Sérgio Santos, Tânia A. Cardoso. S.J. McCune & Tara Lucy.

Edited by:
Ken Reynolds

Self-Published by Ken Reynolds. Now live on Kickstarter – http://kck.st/2dJL30v or read and download digital copies for free from – www.slicedquarterly.co.uk


What is Sliced Quarterly? It’s a playground for creators to experiment with the comic book narrative. We aim to showcase simple, authentic, literary stories told in extraordinary ways. Creators are invited to test the traditional norms of the medium, and in so doing, elevate how they connect and communicate with the reader. Each issue displays the value of sequential narrative art in it’s ability to be insightful, emotive and provocative.
Volume #1 will collect issues #1-4 of the experimental comic anthology that has been published for the last year digitally. The book will include over 120 full colour pages perfectly bound into a trade paperback format.

Why should we pick this up? Sliced is a collection of comics that don’t fit inside the usual constraints of the publishing machine. It was conceived as a home for comics that got rejected for being too weird, or ‘out there’.
If you have an interest in what comics can be and want a glimpse of the vast scope of how you can tell a story in this great medium, this is the anthology for you. We focus on telling stories, and how they are told is just as vital as what they are about.

Find out more at: Download digital copies for free from – www.slicedquarterly.co.uk. Sliced Vol. #1 is currently live on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2dJL30v.


To those of us who understand that comics are an art form every bit as important as that on the walls of a portrait gallery… Sliced #3 offers us a chance to reflect upon, process and interpret the world around, or as Reynolds puts it, “to make sense of the world through fiction, through narrative”.
A Place to Hang your Cape, Hayden Hades


An anthology should be an experience, it should have you choosing favourites and opening your mind to different approaches. Nicely done.
downthetubes.net, Antony Esmond


This comic is elevated beyond an entertainment into something more along the lines of relevant, something necessary. This is where comics is truly art.
Con Freaks & Geeks, Joseph K.


These are smart, very striking, and relatable stories even if some of their deeper meanings went over my head. A few of the stories might require multiple readings and light research for some, and that’s absolutely okay.
Fanboy Nation, Anthony Ray Bench


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