Executive Producer: Daryn Murphy

Writer/Director/Editor: Daryn Murphy

Produced by: Yitibit Films

Watch at www.youtube.com/yitibitwww.timekeepershow.com, and streamnowtv.com/action/time-keeper/

What is The Time Keeper?

Time Keeper is a fast paced time traveling web series. Think Quantum Leap meets Memento. Mitch Manners is exiled to the past, slave to a mysterious force commanding him to change the future. We quickly learn that he must be the most boring time traveler ever to travel time since his objectives start off small and seem unimportant. By the end of the first episode, however, Mitch is given a new job, murder – and failure to obey comes with a price – a punishment on a global scale.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

Time Keeper is a series that focuses on the fabric of time and space and just what you can do with it (or shouldn’t do with it) once the world is able to collapse that technology down to app size on your smart phone. Paradox, ever a dirty word in the time travel story structure, is just another tool in a time traveler’s bag of tricks in the universe of Time Keeper.

Time Keeper just won the award for Best Fantasy/Sci Fi Series at the Miami Web Fest 2014!  It was nominated for Best Sci Fi at the ATL Web Fest 2014 and is an official selection of the Ocktober Film Fest 2014 and Geek Fest at Shock Pop Comicon in 2015.

Susan Siniawsky calls Time Keeper “. . . utterly addicting . . . ” and ” . . . the perfect binge watch!” WebVee Guide

“Time Keeper is a wild ride filled with mystery, suspense, action, and mind-bending concepts . . . the cast performances in this project are sensational – especially that of the series lead Matt Lunsford.” The 7th Matrix

Time Keeper Season 2.0 Trailer:

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