ELEVATOR PITCH – The Colins Godson Annual!

‘The Colins Godson Annual’ Elevator Pitch

Writer: AJ Smith, Joseph Greatorex, Dave Gilles, Iain D Smith
Artist: AJ Smith
Publisher: Puzzled Aardvark

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What is The Colins Godson Annual?

5 years in the making, ‘The Colin’s Godson Annual’ is a unique graphic novel experience that will have strong appeal with aficionados of 90s Britpop nostalgia, convoluted nested plotlines, and very daffy humour. (as well as grotty fanzine-level Herge pastiche artwork).

Initially, It illustrates the offworld adventures of the real life (if terminally unpopular) music group Colins Godson, (check put their fulsome back catalogue here:colinsgodson.bandcamp.com ) they travel across space and time fighting universally agreed upon evils such as the a gigantic death star in the shape of Margaret Thatcher’s head and the 1999 Blackadder revival. But eventually, as the shadows lengthen over their whimsical adventures, the Colins Godson crew end up having to confront whether being in a lighthearted pop group is any sort of dignified way for men in their 30s to behave, and beyond that what the increasing algorithmic automation of the creative industries means for their destiny.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

If nothing else, The Colins Godson Annual is definitely among the most singular graphic novels of 2018 so if any of the above sounds like it might be of interest, give it a go!


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