THOUGHT BUBBLE 2014 ELEVATOR PITCH – Space Captain: Captain of Space

Writer: Michael Park and Chris Baldie
Artist: Chris Baldie
Publisher: Never Ever Press
Buy it from, who will be acting as our distributor as well for various stores around the UK.

What is “Space Captain: Captain of Space”?
It’s the first issue in a series of comics about a noble astronaut trying to find his way home. Lost in time and space – though he’s the captain of it so he’ll probably be okay – our hero wakes from cryosleep on a distant planet and quickly finds himself the target of a fearsome foe.  His journey back to Earth begins as it’ll continue: mysteries, revelatory flashbacks and a good old-fashioned fistfight.

Why Should We Pick This Up?
Because there’s human interest, intrigue, heart break and deception, all set in the backdrop of some distant stars.

And there’s a guy called Space Captain, did we mention that part?
You can preview some of the artwork and details over at if you so desire.

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