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Bruce Wayne is the son to wealthy doctor Thomas Wayne. One night Bruce and his family go to the theatre to see Zorro. They leave early, exiting through the back where they are accosted by a mugger called Joe Chill. Chill demands they hand over all of their items. When Chill demands that Bruce’s mother Martha hands over her pearl necklace, Thomas intervenes leading to both Thomas and Martha being shot dead. This street in Gotham will become known as Crime Alley.

Bruce is brought up by his butler Alfred, pledging that he will get vengeance for his parents. As he grows older, this evolves into wanting justice for Gotham, to protect it from the crime that has taken over the city. Bruce trains himself to be the best he possibly could be both spiritually, mentally and physically, learning all about the criminal.

When he returns from his training, Bruce tries to work out how he can inflict fear into the Gotham criminals. A bat flies into Wayne Manner giving Bruce an idea: a Bat-man. Batman is born becoming one of the main icons of comic books and the DC universe.

As Batman has gone on his journey he has trained many people under his leadership. The first was Dick Grayson who became the first Robin. Dick, like Bruce watched his family get killed in front of his eyes. A young boy, Dick was apart of a circus act. Bruce took Dick in, later adopting him as one of his own. Bruce taught Dick about criminality and attempting to find justice for Gotham.

As Dick grew up, Barbara Gordon (Commissioner Gordon’s daughter) decides to join the struggle and becomes the first Batgirl. Dick later feels that he has grown past the Robin persona and needs to spread his wings from Bruce. This leads him to moving away from Gotham for New York and taking up the name Nightwing.

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Bruce finds another lost boy called Jason Todd. Todd is a homeless kid who Batman finds trying to steal the wheels off the Batmobile. Batman takes Jason in and makes him the second Robin.

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Batman has a variety of interesting and unique villains but none so much as The Joker. The Joker is the ying to Batman’s yang. Batman can never kill him as he feels he would become just as bad as him and The Joker will never kill Batman because he is too much fun. They are destined to fight each other over and over. The Joker has committed many horrendous crimes to Batman and his family yet he continually manages to maintain his cool and keep to his beliefs: never to kill.

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Tim Drake would later take the Robin mantle and once again was to be adopted by Bruce. Drake lost both of his parents and worked out that Batman was Bruce Wayne. A keen detective mind, Batman took Tim in and trained him in the ways of the cowl. Later Tim, like Dick has moved away from the Robin identity becoming Red Robin, a hero in his own right.

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Recently, Bruce Wayne has struggled to deal with Darkseid, a new god leading Bruce to die. With no Batman, the cowl was past to Dick Grayson, becoming the new Batman. He took a Robin of his own: Damian (Bruce’s son). Damian is deadly after being brought up by the League of Shadows, an assassin organisation for the first part of his life. Dick has struggled to maintain the Batman persona but has succeeded in keeping Gotham safe.

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Red Robin believes that Bruce is not dead and is desperate to prove that he is right. Something is lurking in the time stream, ready to reappear.

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