Geek Gadge – A Mission Impossible style face mask

Every time we watch the latest spy flick and we see the hero or villain rip off some perfect cgi rendered face mask we either roll our eyes or if you’re like me you think “Come on why hasn’t anyone come up with this yet?”

Well now all you wanna be convert operatives and international assassin’s can live life to the full with this scary looking face mask.

Source: DVICE

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  1. Matt Pease /

    in a word! AWESOME!!

    Ignoring the fact this will make me a lot less identifiable to my many victims! it is just great! from normal distance I doubt anyone would be able to tell it was a mask.

    I can see them making Halloween ones! imagine a Terminator Mask, with metal sections cut out of the flesh. or a Predator one! you would have to finish it off with some eye contacts for the full effect.

  2. Crimson Archer /

    Okay, that’s freaky… Apparently it’s actually illegal to sell that mask to ex-felons too!

  3. Crimson Archer /

    I really wanted to see a grand unveiling at the end of that and for it to be a woman underneath!! 😀

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