Geek Gadge – A Stealth Bomber that thinks for itself…just what we needed

So once again we find that scientist’s either have never watched BSG, Terminator 1,2,3 & 4 or any other ‘ROBOTS WILL ONE DAY RISE AGAINST US AND ENSLAVE HUMANITY’ film, book, TV show or comic you care to name.

It seems that defense contractor BAE systems have come up with another brilliant idea for another nail in humankind’s coffin with a new unmanned stealth aircraft. According to the blurb the plane, which is called Taranis (because that doesn’t sound evil, does it?) will be able to deliver bombs deep into enemy territory without a pilot. Now although Taranis has a ground crew to control it the big selling point is that Taranis can also think for itself…let me say that again ‘THINK FOR ITSELF’

Taranis, named after the  Celtic god of thunder is still in the testing phrase and is due to begin flight trials soon but we could see it in the skies in a few years.

So good idea or bad idea hmm let me answer that with a little instructional video from a man in the know.

Source: DVICE

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  1. matt pease /

    i saw this movie! it was called stealth and it sucked!

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