Geek Gadge – Auto-tying trainers

These are still more in the designing stage but it goes to show what I an influence great films can have on the world of invention. Courtesy of Back to the Future II I present Auto-tying trainers.

It’s the work of one Blake Bevin, who hooked a micro-controller on to the back of a pair of sneakers. It’s a little bulky and Bevin herself calls it “tongue in cheek,” but the effect is still damn cool. -DVICE

Source: DVICE

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One comment

  1. Matt Pease /

    just the other day i was thinking…..

    “It’s 2010! why haven’t Nike invented automatic laces like in BTTF2”

    i’m sure the motor in the video could be slimmed down and placed in the heel of the shoe….

    god i really want a hoverboard!

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