Geek Gadge – Battlemech vs PC means we all win

Now this image of a Warhammer 40000 Battlemech that was built by a Spanish gamer called Pinchillo is cool in itself I’m sure you will agree. It even has motorised joints and rotating chain guns  but when you see the next picture you can turn the geek cool dial-up to maximum.

That’s right this Battlemech also doubles as a PC Case…I know it doesn’t get much cooler than that and it got me thinking if I could what kind of case mod would I have for my PC. Well seeing that I’m an Indiana Jones fan my logical choice was….

Of course my Ark of the Covenant PC case would come with the standard, head exploding Wrath of God feature if you opened it which would make fitting the latest graphic card a real bitch.

So what would your dream PC case look like?

Source: Dvice

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