SDCC – 2010 – Cup O’ Joe

Marvel has Jsut in the last 10 minutes rapped up there Cup O’ Joe panel where some announcements were made!


  • Hulk #24 will be Jeph  With Loeb’s new responsibilities as head of television at Marvel, he and Ed McGuinness will end their run with this issue, wrapping up what they call their Red Hulk saga.
  • Writer Jeff Parker and artist Gabriel Hardman, the creative team of ATLAS, will move over to HULK with issue #25. First arc called “Scorched Earth.” Red Hulk is on a redemptive arc to help take down the Intelligencia.

Jeph Loeb

  • Jeph Loeb will be staying on ULTIMATE COMICS X
  • Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho will be working on something else after NEW ULTIMATES
  • Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness will be doing a series called AVENGERS THREE in 2011, starring Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.

Non Marvel U

  • Orson Scott Card is writing Formic Wars: Burning Earth in 2011, a prequel to the original Ender’s Game.
  • There will be a graphic novel called TRON: THE BETRAYAL, which will give the backstory to “Tron: Legacy”.

Other Marvel U

  • Stefano Casselli is working on something for November that will be announced tomorrow
  • No confirmed planned for Ghost Rider or New Warriors
  • Marvel’s slowly building up their animation and television departments as a result of the marriage between Marvel and Disney. In the next week or so there will be a huge announcement about animation.
  • Joe Q announced BIG plans for the Marvel Cosmic Characters

GS Reporter: Matt

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