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So, much like any other journey I make, our day started later than we intending and my friend, her son and I arrived at the ExCel centre at around mid day. Unfortunately the East entrance was closed and we had to walk all the way around the centre AND THEN all the way around the fenced off outside area just to get in to get out tickets. So, in actual fact we didn’t get to join MCM London Comic Con till nearly 1PM. I’ll write up more about the East entrance issue later after the con (although, how kind of the ExCel staff to mix things up a bit with closing off entrances, usually they just like to mess con goers around with the West entrance)

Admittedly we didn’t spend as much time going around the two MCM halls as we usually do on a Friday, thanks to the entrance issues we went straight to a Lord of the Rings meet up and then the little one (exhausted from having to do so much walking) had a nap for a bit and we enjoyed the amazing sunny day.

It’s a shame that MCM London Comic Con doesn’t run the outside Fringe Festival as the day was perfect to be spent enjoying an outside stage of different talented performers and DJs and we certainly weren’t the only people outside enjoying stolen snatches of British summer.

I went inside for a little wander around and was hoping to get a chance to see Artist Ally, however I am very easily distracted and I detoured to go and check out CBS Action’s Star Trek transporter pad. And Trek fans (or even fans who like a free photo op) will enjoy getting to see the cool transporter pad and the engineer’s station they’ve set up. Whilst there you can pose your heart out and pretend to be your favourite crew member from the original series, or even have fun seeing what it’s like to be your cosplay character encountering Star Trek tech.

Next my con savvy self hunted out another free photo op and experience. Amazon Prime are showing the first episode of Preacher on Saturday at 4PM and they’ve set up an amazing looking rural Texas church where they’re screening sneak peeks of their new comic book adaptation staring Dominic Cooper. Check out the creepy looking church, chat with the preachers they have outside and then sneak round the side to have fun in a Preacher themed photo booth, you’ll get to take four photos in the booth (props are available) – you don’t HAVE to pull adorable poses like I did but it does make a funny juxtaposition against the Preacher frame they get printed in.

Sorry it's side ways!

Sorry it’s side ways!

Keeping with the creepy and freebie theme head to the other end of the same hall (the one on your left if you have your back to the West entrance (MCM peeps, WHY didn’t you number the halls? Or label them North and South? That would make it so much easier to coordinate ourselves) you’ll find the Outcast booth, and I shan’t make mention of how the free Outcast comic was incredibly similar to the Preacher sneak preview we saw at October’s MCM… *ahem*, you’ll find a rundown looking shack on one side and a green screen on the other. Once you’ve selfied yourself silly at the shack pop over to the other side and have fun on the green screen stage where you’ll be pretending to be possessed and floating manically above your bed.

There looked like lots of other amazing things to check out that we didn’t get around to today and I’m looking forward to going back tomorrow for more MCM fun.

There was something else that I tried out at MCM London Comic Con that I haven’t done in all my years of attending the con; I bought food from the Japanese takeaway section.

Now, I’m not a stranger to Japanese cuisine – I recently had to face the fact that I am somewhat addicted to sushi and god forbid you ever get between me and mochi – but the food section at MCM has never really appealed to me. I don’t like meat (fish is good, I’m not a vegetarian) and have never been fond of fried food, which 99% of the fair on offer at the different stalls seem to be, but having not eaten anything all day at that point and spotting some takoyaki I decided to give it a try.

Some people dislike octopus as a snack. I am not one of those people

Some people dislike octopus as a snack. I am not one of those people

It wasn’t the worst takoyaki I’ve ever had, that honour goes to YO!Sushi, and it wasn’t as awfully over priced as some of the food sold by vendors at MCM London Comic Con and it was cool to see the food being prepared fresh at the stall by the super efficient team working behind it. I may not chose to go back and buy any more but I was certainly happy with my tasty treat and I can see why it is so popular with other MCM London Comic Con attendees.

Over all it was a nice first day, Friday is always enjoyable because it is WAY less crowded than the Saturday and Sunday – so my advice is to use the Friday as a shopping day, you’ll be able to take more time looking at all the stalls and booths without the pushing and shoving of the other two days and you’ll be more likely to get the things you’re looking for with less of a chance of sellers being sold out of stock.

I’m looking forward to Saturday, which is traditionally our Disney cosplay day, and brining you an interview with the organiser of one of the largest meet ups that happen during MCM London Comic Con!

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