SDCC 2014: Game of Thrones Panel Tidbits


What We Learned From the Game of ThronesPanel at SDCC 2014

  • Filming of the next season will move from Belfast to mostly Croatia and Spain.
  • Jonathan Price to join show as High Sparrow.
  • According to George R.R Martin his reputation as a killer of characters is overrated. ( I reckon a few actors/actresses might disagree with that one).
  • Expect to see more from  Stannis with his character developing in season 5
  • Some scenes for season 5  will filmed last year due to the complicated nature of the production.
  • Several scenes not found in the books were added because there were no viewpoint characters there.
  • George missed the stuff which doesn’t make it in and wishes each season had three more episodes.

And here is a blooper reel and video introducing some of the new cast.



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