Voices of the Syndicate: What Sequels Would We Like to See and Why?

Our latest Voices of the Syndicate  question has been suggested by Ron’s son Harrison and it’s a very timely one. 

“What film which currently has no sequel (nor one in the works) would you most like to see a sequel to and why, and would you change or add to the cast (and why)?”

Dean: Serenity 2 would be amazing. Although Dark Horse is continuing the story of Mal and company in comic form – it’s not the same. There is a chemistry and magic of the characters together on screen.

One change I would suggest is adding a new pilot character. That adds a point of view character for newbies and helps carry on the story without distancing new viewers.

Besides that one I would say Dredd 2. Because DREDD was awesome.

L-J: You beat me to it! I got so excited when I saw this question because my heart yearns for a return of Serenity and her crew. Part of me thinks that the short-lived show and film were a perfect storm and things that amazing should be left well alone….but the other part of me wants to jump up and down screaming like a toddler, demanding that we get a Serenity 2! I’d like to see Jayne get a proper lady in his life (other than Vera).

Matt: Sometimes I feel like the only geek in the world who doesn’t want a Serenity Sequel. I’ll get my coat.

I think the thing is that we are over-run with sequels and reboots and re-hashes at the moment and whilst there are still some great movies being made, the lack of much truly new getting traction in Geekdom worries me. That said, I’d love to see another Dredd film. So I’m guess I’m still part of the problem!

Christophe: The Last Starfighter is a personal favourite of mine and I would love to see a sequel. The original was a sign of the times for video games and imagine a modern teenager is playing Titanfall and suddenly he is pulled into an intergalactic war where his skills on the console must keep him alive and save the galaxy.

It would showcase the latest in CGI and maybe show gamers in a more proactive light. I was surprised by how much I loved Tron Legacy and I think that a new take with the original male lead back for a mentor type role could work. He could be a war veteran and now must come to terms with a planet he left 30 years and the modern gamer.

People may laugh at this but I just feel it could work.

Luke: I’d love to see a small soldiers sequel. Think it is often a forgotten classic that had so much potential to build on.

Ian: I’m not one for sequels and such like but I’d quite like to see a Close Encounters film where Neary comes back from his trip and the Earth has changed because of the proof we’re not alone. Our culture and beliefs would change and he would have to deal with that. I’ve often wanted to see a genuine attempt at showing what would happen if there was proof of aliens. Contact came close in parts, but Spielberg should really tell that story.

Wedgedoc: This might sound a little from left field, but probably not if you know me well. I’d like to see another A-Team movie. The first was a great romp and managed to capture the spirit of the old television show while still being a modern action movie. Yes there were moments of absolute “What the hell is that?” (Flying a tank, anyone?) but for a Summer action movie those moments are what I want to see. The casting was superb so I wouldn’t change any of that to be honest. Like the series, the films could almost go anywhere and do anything.

Failing that, where the heckers is The Losers 2?

I’m in agreement on the no Serenity 2 point. I’d rather see another season on the small screen as I think the premise worked far better as a series.

Sara: I want a sequel to District 9. I wanted to know what happened next…WHAT HAPPENED TO WIKUS?!

Vichus: Sin City dropped a trailer not too long ago, and that was one I kept an eye on for years. The next thing that came to mind was Dredd! We got a Dredd that showed us who the law really is. I would like more of that on my plate.

Nuge: Wow dammit…pretty much every sequel I could have thought of has already gone.  Personally I would kill my best friend and offer his severed head  to the film gods (sorry monts) for a sequel to Big Trouble in Little China. I mean the first film starts with Egg Chen getting arrested and talking to his lawyer so I would have love to see it start with his trial. We could then flash forward a lot of years to allow the cast to still be in it…and yeah it’s all in the reflexes.

Leo: I think I’ll likely be alone in this, but I would love a sequel to Unbreakable. I know there was talk about a sequel (or even a trilogy) when it first came out, but M. Night Shyamalan doesn’t have quite the clout that he used to. I loved the odd sort of superhero story that Unbreakable was and the weird sort of humanity that everything had. It would be interesting to see Bruce Willis’ character continue on as a superhero after his initial adventures and see how he possibly further clashes with Elijah Price.

FaintDreams: “Buckaroo Banzai will return in Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League”

That’s what the end credits of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension! said.. IN 1984 AND I AM STILL WAITING.


Ron – First of all, I want to thank my son for posing the question – I damn near crashed the car at the weekend when he asked, I got so distracted. Sorry L-J, but I can tell you he’s pleased as Punch that he came up with it first! So let me just say that many of the responses have been as brilliant as they might be unworkable: I would love to see Roy Neary post-CE3K, or Paul Atreides post-Dune, a follow-up to Unbreakable etc. but then I think, “be careful what you wish for”… I’m still scarred by the trauma that was Highlander 2. So I’m going to give the answer that I gave him which is that the very under-rated John Carter needs a sequel, and I reckon Taylor Lautner to play his son, if they follow the course of the books.

Casey – This almost begs the counter question “Which sequel would you like to have stricken from the history books and why?”

As far as which film I would love a sequel to, there are two, and both quite similar. I’d love sequels to Ghost Dog and Leon. Both ended with the death of the main character but both had time to pass on their philosophy to someone else, Pearline and Mathilda respectively. I’d be really interested to learn how each put what they were taught into action as they grew up and became adults, and whether either of them became assassins like their role-model/friend.


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