Waiting For The Trade – Irredeemable Volume 2

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Peter Krause

Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Collects: Irredeemable 5-8

I quite liked Irredeemable vol 1 but it didn’t knock my socks off. There were definitely some nice touches in the story and I particularly liked that you don’t get given a single moment that turns Plutonian from hero to villain. There are tantalising hints as to some of the causes but it’s not like a binary good/evil switch in his head.

This volume continues that type of storytelling. We get a lot of flashbacks to moments in the heroic career of the Plutonian where it’s very plain to see that he’s barely holding onto his sanity. However this time around we get a very strong hint at what could be the ultimate cause of his actions and it’s worth the build up, you’re not told flat out but again that’s a positive thing. After the flight of Volume 1 we get a nice dose of fight in Volume 2 and through this even more is revealed.

It’s a simple storytelling tool but just by having Plutonian’s costume change colour for “now” it makes it 100% clear when you’re looking at flashbacks or not…something a lot of comics fall foul of.

The art continues to be very loose, not sure if that’s correct artistic term (that’s why I write reviews and not draw them) and it looks like they’re colouring straight over Krause’s pencils. It’s a little variable, I find characters looking very different panel to panel at times, but very good nonetheless.

My bugbear though…$16.99 for 4 issues, one of which was priced at 99c. That’s shocking bad value…and in truth had I known before I bought it that Boom were charging $4 more for the trade than the single issues then I would probably have boycotted it. Yes, you do get all the variant covers and a 14 page preview of Potter’s Field but there’s no excuse for charging like that and my rating reflects that…such a shame that Boom have thrown away the good sense they showed in pricing Volume 1 low.

Rating: Good content does not excuse bad pricing!
Reviewer: Dave Williams

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