Ender’s Game – Blu Ray Review

Ender’s Game follows a typical science fiction trend of the human race going toe to toe with an alien life form. This idea is familiar and unfortunately for it, its familiarity is its downfall, leaving little to excite.

The film follows the Earth after a battle with an alien race, The Formics. Earth only survived because of one soldier, Mazer Rackham. Fifty years have passed with Earth worrying that another attack will come at some point, the International Military have started to look for a soldier with the same qualities as Mazer Rackham. The International Military is recruiting children to be the next Rackham. Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is one of those children as we see him go through the various training programmes, Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) believes are essential.

The film moves at a slow pace with the first hour feeling more like the training level to a video game crossed with an army boot camp for the future. The majority of these scenes could have been cut to a montage, leading to the main battle. The key problem with this film are the characters. The viewer feels little connection to Ender. If they did this hour might have felt more important. Furthermore, Ender’s morals seem to make little sense at best. The film gives us one view, with the viewer assuming that everyone is aware of this situation, especially Ender. Yet by the end of the film he questions this. It is as if Ender agrees with this set of morals and then suddenly questions it for the sake of continuing the plot.

It all feels just too formulaic with it being seen many times before: the great young hope who is seen by the old guard. The old guard makes it known to the rest of the group that the young hope is the one, making him disliked by the rest of the group. The young hope has to earn the respect of his team. All of this has been done before and done better.

The big twist of the film is clever and you will not see this coming. However once the twist happens it makes the viewer question the entire premise of the film and why this is happening. Further the film never explains why it has to be children who will be able to take the place of Mazer Rackham.

The film looks nice with some clever shots during training and of alien planets. Yet at the same time there are many science fiction films that do similar things and do them far better.

Ender’s Game is a film that feels formulaic, lacking that originality it needs. Instead it feels more like a video game training level with a plot that falls apart in many areas.

Rating: 2/5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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