A-Team the Movie gets a Greenlight!

So it’s seems that 80’s classic The A-Team is finally going to get that big screen treatment they’ve been talking about for years.  Ridley Scott is attached to the project as a producer (shame he’s not directing).

The speculation can now officially begin on the casting of the infamous roles  of Hannibal, Faceman, Howling Mad Murdock and B A.

I’m actually quite excited about this. In my strange world as this is a movie version and not a remake of the tv show I’m kinda of ok with the idea of a different cast. They did the same thing but in reverse with both Stargate and Buffy(wow how bad was that movie?) so it could work if handled right.

I just hope it sticks to it’s roots and we get a fun action movie rather than some gritty, realistic bourne type movie.

Oh and Ridley mate  if we can have  a little cameo of an open-top jeep that flips over ten times and everyone gets out with out a mark on them that would be sweet.

Source: Yahoo news

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Michael Clarke Duncan for B. A. Baracus!

  2. hell no….only one man can be a Baracus…..and that man is still mr. t….until he’s dead….no one but the tee

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