Are the Star Wars Prequels still that bad?

In this latest video from the team at Pulp they pitch the question to the masses of whether the Star Wars Prequels was actaully as bad as most people seemed to think they were.

If  you look closely during the video from the guys over on the Pulp Channel you can get a glimpse the  writer and artist duo that is Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood and SFX Magazine’s head honcho Dave Bradley all putting their thoughts forward on this timeless question.

May the 4th is the unofficial International Star Wars Day, and the producers of Pulp have an unusual gift for George Lucas.  In a poll of almost 1,000 geeks, we’ve discovered that the Star Wars prequels are hated much less than previously thought.  Sure, there have always been a few Jar Jar Binks apologists, but our survey reveals a pretty much even split between those who like the Prequels and those who hate them.

You can see the results, and a Pulp video on the subject here:

So what do you guys think?

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Source: Asylum

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  1. Jim Smith /

    I always liked the prequels and I always said that those who did would eventually win, because of the kids whose voices weren’t heard screaming on the internets in 1999. If I’m 100% honest I reckon you have to be guilty of massive nostalgia-fuelled cognitive dissonance to seriously assert that the six films vary enormously in quality. They’re too alike for one of them to be the best thing ever and another the worst. (See also, Indy IV ending with a Deus Ex Machine being a bad thing when the other three do too.)

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