Brand new trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens!

When a meteorite from outer space hits a California girl named Susan Murphy and makes her grow to 49-feet-11-inches tall, she is taken to a secret government compound in the Nevada Desert where she is locked away with a ragtag group of monsters which have also been rounded up over the years.

Their jail time is cut short by General W.R. Monger, who, on a desperate order from The President, springs the motley crew and calls them into action to combat an unstoppable alien force and savethe world from imminent destruction! The cast of “Monsters vs. Aliens” includes: Oscar® winner Reese Witherspoon as Susan Murphy, a.k.a. Ginormica; Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie (as Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D.;  Seth Rogen (”Knocked Up,” “Superbad”) as B.O.B; Golden Globe winner Kiefer Sutherland (TV’s “24,” “Phone Booth”) as General W.R. Monger; and Paul Rudd (”Knocked Up,” “Night at the Museum”) as Susan’s boyfriend, Derek.

Monsters Vs Aliens is released in the UK on the 3rd of April 2009.

I have to admit this new movie from Dreamworks kinda slipped past my radar which is unusual for me as Kung Fu Panda kicked ass last year.

The trailer looks good (and the movie is going to be in 3d which is cool) the cast is top notch  and I’m especially looking forward to hearing Hugh ‘House’ Laurie as  Dr Cockroach(I hope  he won’t look too Roach-like…can’t stand Roaches) and Paul Rudd.

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