Doc Savage the Movie is Coming!

This is offically the best geek news I’ve heard this year(yes ok I know we’re only two months in but I’m easily pleased).

According to Variety the iconic pulp hero Doc Savage is returning to the big screen (what do you mean you never saw the film with Ron Ely?) with Shane Black attached to direct.

As an rabid fan of all things pulp I’m over the moon at this news. I’ve always felt that Clark Savage Jr (Doc to his friends) is a character that should be given a second chance at the big screen treatment. I just hope that they don’t go down the camp route with the character like that did with his previous outing, although I do have a soft spot for that movie.

The film should be  action packed and fun but if the film-makers remember to turn down the camp volume things  should be fine.

The mood and style I’m after is something like  Raiders of the Lost Ark with a dash of the Rocketeer.

The director Shane Black is also reported to be a big pulp fan so that’s a good sign.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that this film is a huge success and paves the way for pulp to be the new big thing in Hollywood. It seems that with this news and the new Doc Savage comic coming from DC that it’s a great time to be a Savage fan!

For those of you who don’t remember the previous movie outing for Doc and his amazing five here’s a little reminder.

Meet the Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

The Doc Savage Code…please be upstanding people.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Variety

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