Dr Who’s Hugh Bonneville to Star in a Steampunk Captain Nemo Movie

One of the best things about the episode three of the new series of Dr Who was Hugh Bonniville  as the Prate Captain Avery. Well it seems Hugh has a love for all things nautical  as he’s just signed up to play Captain Nemo (well come on he does have the beard for it).

CANNES — Hugh Bonneville is set to star in Captain Nemo, a 3D action movie that is scheduled to begin filming in August in China. Shoreline Entertainment has acquired worldwide rights to the project, which will be partially financed by Chinese investors.

The movie’s being billed as a “steampunk” tale that will serve as a sequel of sorts to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and follow Captain Nemo, as he joins forces with President Ulysses Grant to battle an evil genius who is causing naval disasters.

Ok so we have Hugh Bonneville as Captain Nemo, Steampink,Ulysses Grant and an evil genius…ok I’m officially excited.

GS Reporter:  Nuge

Source: Heat Vision

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