Edward Norton no longer the Hulk?

Edward Norton IS Bruce Banner

According to HitFix Marvel Studios has decided to go with an unknown actor to portray Bruce Banner in the upcoming Avengers movie. at the moment this is all rumour as Marvel Studios has not announced anything official. From interviews with Ed Norton he has always said he would love to return to the role! so what’s happened to cause a change in actor! Maybe Ed asked for too much money or someone didn’t like his performance as the gamma irradiated scientist

Could marvel just be stirring the waters up to generate a bit of hype before a Massive Avengers Reveal at San Diego Comic Con?

What ever the truth is in this story I’m sure we will find out at SDCC or sometime soon after.

What do you think? can Marvel replace Edward Norton with a lesser known actor and pull off the Avengers movie?

SOURCE: http://www.hitfix.com/blogs/2008-12-6-motion-captured/posts/exclusive-edward-norton-is-not-the-hulk-in-the-avengers-but-he-d-like-to-be

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  1. This would be a dumb move. Why is it that Marvel Studios is always said to be stingy with their money? Will this be another Terrance Howard mess?

    • matt pease /

      well it’s been confirmed now! (see the story above)

      I’m a little bummed out by the whole thing as I though he was great as Banner! but if he is butting heads with the Studio then he has to go.

      it’s refreshing to see a studio not bowing to actors demands (if that is the case). and to me it shows that marvel are thinking of the Characters/story above the actors.

      Also for anyone saying it will cause confusion having a different actor in the role. anyone who reads comics know that the way a character looks changes from artist to artist and issue to issue and we deal with it. so as long as the new guy looks like banner and can act like banner then I’ll be happy enough.

      • Well Norton looked nothing like any Banner I’ve seen. He’s just a good actor and I definitely would not have minded him in another film, especially acting against Downey.

        So now they’re going to put it in the hands of some person who is untested, in a move (a super team movie) that seems to be risky? That is what’s crazy to me.

  2. matt pease /

    yeah it’s risky but you never know they could pull it off! (fingers Crossed) if you look at the line up only downey is a “leading Man” so maybe having a lesser known actor in the role will help the film as you won’t have 2 actors fighting for screen time!

    who knows! we’ll have to wait 2 more years to find out

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