Eva Longoria to play the Wasp?: Update

We reported earlier that the Desperate Housewife star was apparently going to be The Wasp in the new Avengers movie from Marvel Studios!

Well it turns out i was right and it was total fan specualtion,

Eva said:

I keep hearing about that, I think it’s an Internet rumor as of now. I love comics stuff. I do, I think it’s fun, but I don’t know anything about that character. I don’t know who or what that is. I think it’s a fantastic rumor. We’re just going to go with it. Maybe it’ll get me hired.

The first time the rumor appear online was because Eva was spotted leaving Marvel’s offices with a bunch of comic books in her hands, including one for “The Avengers.” So what was that all about?

I had taken a meeting about a different movie at Marvel, and that’s where the rumor started, When I was walking out, paparazzi caught me walking out and they thought I was going in to meet about The Avengers.

well this is the picture:

So what Movie was she there for? who knows?

GS Reporter: Matt

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