Eva Longoria to play the Wasp?

Back in September of 2008 (2 years!!), Eva Longoria was seen leaving the Marvel offices while holding a copy of “The Avengers.” At the time, everyone assumed that the actress will play The Wasp, but she quickly denied it.

Now comes work from FoxNews that Marvel is actually in negotiations with Longoria for the role of The Wasp.

First, she read for the part, then she went into the studio for camera tests,” said the network’s source. “The team liked her for The Wasp so much that she did green screen work in the late spring.

The source added that the actress will likely shoot her scene in New York, where much of thefilmwill be shot in the coming months.

The movie is going to start filming this fall.

I have a problem with this rumour! ignoring the fact she’s too old to play the Wasp (minor detail), just what green screen work did she do? do they do green screen to test someone for a role? plus it’s confirmed that Avengers will star filming next year in the spring! not this autumn! also Joss Whedon has stated that Ant-Man isn’t in his movie! so i doubt they would introduce The Wasp without introducing Ant-Man.

Personally I think this one is just so creative writing from some anonymous source.

What do you think? is she too old? or is she perfect for the role?

GS Reporter: Matt

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